I'm Zhuoneng /zo'nen/

Glad that you found this page! Get ready to learn more about me? 👇

What I Do 💻

I’m an award-winning Interaction Designer, Developer, and Researcher with a focus on experience and interaction design of emerging techs such as XR(AR/VR/MR).  ​I am pursuing a Master's degree in interaction design at Carnegie Mellon University and previously graduated from UCLA’s Technology Studio with a Master’s in architecture. My skills and experience range from a number of areas such as AR/MR, web-based 3D environment development, spatial design, 3D animation production, and physical computing

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What I Research 🎓

I am always interested in how technology can help transform our experience of being, learning, and collaborating. My hope is to push the frontiers by continuously creating and exploring new ways of conveying my ideas and challenging my understanding of design. I have explored different modes of human-machine interaction from various directions, my current focuses are bodily & interface interactions and cognition research in the augmented and mixed reality (AR & MR) environment. 

In My Off-hours 🌈

I am also a photographer and cinematographer. My photography works were published in magazines and posted on websites. As the director and producer, the animation short Nomadic Cloud was awarded by NASA twice and screened at multiple film festivals and movie theaters in the U.S. When I do less serious stuff, I like to explore good pour-over coffee, play tennis, read, and write short novels & film reviews. Wanna know even more? Email me and let's grab a virtual coffee!