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of Brain

Brainwave-controlled Transformational Cubes



Wai Ching Cheng


Final Prototype


Sep to Dec 2016


Guvenc Ozel

While at

UCLA Tech Studio

The intent of this project is to explore the logic and formal outputs of organizational behaviors, through researching specific terminologies and finding precedents in the fields of the digital and interactional prototype that will act as a formal vessel to fulfill a number of idealized conditions related to hierarchy, structure, etc... For example in our project is to transform a surface into a volume.

EMOTIV Epoc+ headset and Electroencephalography are employed to bridge the realities between the physical and digital world, and to allow our physical model to respond to their context through physical transformation and digital interface “intelligently”.

Installation Design

Three Motion Forms

Three sets of servo motors work together to lift up a number of cubes to create rotational effect.

Interaction Design

Brainwave Reading

EMOTIV Epoc+ headset  are employed to read and convert the brainwave to usable signals.

Mechanical Design

The brainwave signals are sent to Grasshopper and trigger the rotation number to start counting from 0-90 or 0-180. These numbers control the rotation degree of servo motors via the Arduino board.

Lenticular Patterns

Lenticular lenses are applied to the surface of the cubes with the ability to change as it is viewed from different angles.