Li Zijian Art Museum

A Path of Chinese Painting Landscape


Instructor | Wei He

Location  | Changsha, China

Time | 06, 2015

The site opens up to a river towards the east and enjoys a wetland view towards west. The site with the entrance at one end suggests a linear movement along an axis. In traditional Chinese philosophy, mountain and water in nature symbolize spiritual eternity. They became a major theme for traditional Chinese paintings since the Song Dynasty.

The design avoids the visual space of the generally echo suspended and exaggerated image and goes back to the basic space prototype to explain a series of artistic creation and echo Mr. Li Zijian`s theme(’mother and daughter’,’red flower quilt’, ‘grandmother’, ‘nanjing massacre’, etc.) Through the form of combination, I produce strong ‘narrative space’  to bring a space experience of setting each other off becomes an interest. My concept is to dig the original park and deep space experience and cognition.