Product manager, UX Designer


2-4 PMs, 2 Designers,
40+ Engineers




Feb to Aug 2021

Effect House

Effect House is a powerful and intuitive desktop AR tool for TikTok users to create and publish effects.

01. Intro

What I Did

Plan product roadmap; Design product functions; Output PRDs and wireframe prototypes; Coordinated cross-department cooperation,

tl;dr: Effect House is a tool that allows anyone to create effects for TikTok. ✨

Effect House is a desktop
AR creator tool that ByteDance is building for the next-gen computational expression on TikTok.

Empowered by ByteDance's AI and CG technologies, as well as a series of creator oriented product strategies - we're aiming at building a powerful yet user friendly consumer product of long term sustainability and scalability from both user experience and business perspectives.


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