The Biggest Architecturally 3D Printed Structure


Collaborators | LCD Atelier

Instructor | Lei Yu, Feng Xu

Location  | Beijing, China, 2015


VULCAN came from Latin, which in English means ‘volcano’. In Roman mythology, it is originally the name given to the ‘God of Fire. The emergence in the idea of VULCAN symbolizes a sense of fear and respect to the unpredictable forces of nature while suggesting the fragility yet courage of the human civilization.


The process of 3D printing fabrication is the materiality concept of the architect’s thought. Additive fabrication can help the designer to control the final form directly and connect the gap between design and construction. We design the form of every component in the computer and then we transfer the form into a series of data and code.


The data contains spacial information on every point of the component. The 3D printer can move along the path defined by the code and extrude material. 


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Photographer: Zhuoneng Wang